Under Control

Having successfully connected my motor to the arduino, it was time to figure out how I would control the motors. Since my remote would be connected over bluetooth, all communication between the arduinos would be via serial data. What follows is a brief runthrough of my code (no hardware changes were necessary for the following […]

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Let’s Get Moving!

Today I decided to begin work on the body of the tennis ball machine by setting up the motors. I am using an arduino uno to control the machine itself, and BTS7960 Motor drivers to drive motors from two scavenged mini drills. The drills come with motors as well as rechargeable lithium batteries, and so […]

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Gitting Wireless

Now that I had properly set up the “control” part of my remote control, it was time to implement the “remote” part. This proved to be extremely easy using an HC-06 bluetooth module. On the wiring side, the module required power and ground, as well as the RX and TX ports to send and receive […]

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Remote Revisions

Although I had successfully connected both a joystick and buttons to my arduino, there was still quite some work to do before I could present a finalized remote. Along with a redesign of features, I needed to establish wireless communication with the arduino that would be controlling the machine, as well as combine my prototype […]

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Project-Based Learning

As I continued my Arduino escapades, I began to realize that the set of tutorials that came with the starter kit were severely lacking in teaching ability, explaining only how to copy a circuit from a diagram and cut and paste lines of code to manipulate new components. I then turned to the tutorials on […]

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